1 To promote smallholder commercialization by fostering productive business linkages between smallholder farmers and selected agribusiness firms and other commodity off-takers in Sierra Leone. SLADF targets eligible agribusinesses, facilitating their access to competitive value chain finance tailored to their needs and required for the provision of productivity enhancing services and market access to out-growers. This will be achieved through support for interventions aimed at improving agricultural productivity and access to markets as well as development of inclusive smallholder farmer-agribusiness linkages in Sierra Leone.

2 To be a catalyst to attract other forms of finance, especially commercial finance, for agribusiness and agricultural development in Sierra Leone.

The Sierra Leone Agribusiness Development Fund (SLADF) is a component of a larger project, the smallholder Commercialization Agribusiness Project (SCADeP). SCADeP is a 5 year programme that seeks to promote agricultural productivity through improved access to markets, improved access to finance as well as development of inclusive smallholder farmer agribusiness linkages in Sierra Leone.

Under the agribusiness financing, SCADeP has the following sub components:

  • The Sierra Leone Development Fund (SLADF) being implemented by an independent Fund Manager, which is KPMG IDAS. This component is set up as a facility for eligible agribusinesses to accesses competitive financing tailored to the needs required for provision of productivity enhancing services and market access to outgrowers. Agribusiness can access financing of up to US$ 500,000. The Fund will also provide Technical Assistance to support priority non-financing constraints identified by value chain actors.

  • The Agribusiness Services Matching Grant Facility being implemented by the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security. This facility will provide matching grants to producer organisations and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of up to US$ 50,000.

  • The Agribusiness Loan Scheme being implemented by Apex Bank. Individual Farmers can access up to US$5,000 and producer organisations can access up to US$ 15,000.

Agribusiness will be able to access Funding through a competitive process. The Fund will run two competitions per year supporting eligible projects in Sierra Leone. The Fund will select projects to fund through a two-stage process, Project Concept Note Stage and Business Plan Stage.

More information on the application procedure is available on the “Process” tab.

The Fund was set up as part of the Governments Post Ebola recovery strategy, to revive the agricultural sector by promoting out-grower models through value-chain financing to selected agri-businesses linked to out-grower schemes.

In order to support smallholder commercialization, there is need to promote approaches which integrate smallholder farmers into organized supply chains through the creation of viable out-grower schemes.

The fund is meant to be a catalyst to be used to leverage commercial financing and by so doing, spur sustainable agricultural development. The Fund will have impact on two levels: For agribusinesses, the Fund will provide access to much needed financing . For the Outgrowers/Smallholder farmers, they will benefit through access to inputs, training, capacity building and ultimately, increase in yield and incomes.